PARD BH-5 Ultra Wide-band Triple Sector MIMO Antenna


PARD BH-5 Ultra Wide-band Triple Sector MIMO Antenna System operating in 4.9 – 5.9/6.0GHz band with 14dBi peak-gain, 20/40degrees Antenna Beamwidth (3DB) and Linear (V-H-V) polarization. Because of reduced side-lobes, excellent efficiency and impedance matching characteristics, antenna keeps clear strong signal even in crowded radio environment. It´s resistant to interference from other networks and does not disturb to other. The antenna is intended for use with base-station radios supporting the IEEE 802.11 standards and equipped with 3 RF ports. Antenna features no beam squint due to frequency change; it means that decreasing of data throughput or even loss of a link after frequency channel change does not occur. Designed specifically for high-efficiency, high gain directional radio coverage in outdoor deployment scenarios.

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