Elmia AB, Deploys Sweratel’s End-to-End Cloud RTWIP Carrier-grade Mobile Wi-Fi Network Solution for Elmia Husvagn Husbil – The Scandinavian Caravan Show

Jönköping, Sweden – 2015-09-10, Sweratel AB, a leading provider of cloud-based RTWIP MetroWiFi network solutions, today announced that Elmia Husvagn Husbil is deploying an outdoor camping wide MetroWiFi network utilizing Sweratel’ end-to-end RTWIP mobile Wi-Fi network solutions. The RTWIP network is set up covering over 300 000 sq.m. and up to 10 000 connected units. The network is one of the largest network in the Nordic countries to be deployed, and is an important step towards the deployment of a further network for Elmia. The single integrated RTWIP network platform provides Elmia’s first complete service-coverage Metro Mobile Wi-Fi network that enhances the camping sites Open Public Wi-Fi and improves Elmia’s wireless broadband, while lowering overall communication costs.

The Sweratel’s RTWIP metro mobile Wi-Fi broadband solutions caters to the unique requirements of ICT authorities / sectors and provides unmatched and uncompromising multi-node mobile wifi cluster performance coupled with state-of-the art quality of service mechanisms, real-time service prioritization and improved dualband 2.4/5 GHz band-steering communications.

“Wi-Fi hotspots hopelessly limited, but what if you could combine mobile Wi-Fi-style internet access with the robust service coverage, and fewer base stations of a Wi-Fi network? The various Wi-Fi technologies developed by such company as Sweratel, offer just such a blend,” said Lars Persson, CIO Elmia AB.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Elmia, whose mission of enabling generation a head communications, complements our objectives of bringing Cloud Metro Mobile WiFi technology to the most challenging areas, such as urban, suburban, rural, large fairs, smart communities and networked connected society markets, providing users with a truly complete mobility lifestyle,” said Mohammed Fahd, Founder and CEO, Sweratel AB.

About Sweratel

Sweratel AB was founded with a vision of implementing practical carrier-grade metro cellular WiFi networks solutions based on the enormous potential of technology breakthroughs. Using innovative wireless/mobile technology, Sweratel has developed a complete RTWIP-CORE technology product line that leapfrogs today’s limited solutions and enables Operators, Carriers, ISPs, Infrastructure owners and other new entrants from Municipalities and ICT sectors, to successfully compete in the exploding “new generation” of broadband drives the “Internet of Things” (IoT) including 3G/4G(LTE) WiFi offload market. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.sweratel.se

About Elmia AB

As a meeting-place, Elmia enjoys a powerful position – at the heart of the Nordic region where people and companies either have or are looking for new ideas, products and services. We are not happy just to keep ourselves updated on everything that’s happening in your industry. We also want to inspire, stimulate and drive development. Count on Elmia as an active partner in your world. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.elmia.se.


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