Pard-57 CelluFi CPE

Advanced Multi-features Enterprise 5G/WiFi 6E CPE solution-Creative way to connecting IoE for smart homes-& SMEs..

Sweratel Pard-57 CelluFi CPE features flexible 5G radio (Sub-6GHz) architecture with integrated WiFi 6E. The Pard-57 operates a multi-radio intefaces and tailored to support 5G and WiFi 6E CPE requirements of MNOs, Operators, Telcos and ISPs including other new entrants from Municipalities, IoE sectors and global digital transformation market.

Pard-57 is 5G /Wi-Fi 6E desktop CPE designed for SME and smart home case, it applied a simple, integrated and fashion design with a dozen   built-in antennas in the chasis, appearance is smooth  but performance is powerful, it has full 5G features like Gigabits UL & DL bandwidth, Gigabits Ethernet, up to 5400Mbps WiFi 6E, also support VoLTE,it could be your access point in SME or home, and a beautiful decoration.


Qualcomm Modem RF platform Qualcomm X62, 3GPP Rel-16 5G NSA&SA SUB-6 support upto 4Gbps downlink& 3600Mbps.

Stylish Design
A dozen built-in antenna for 5G & WiFi 6E All-in-one integrated compact chasis

Powerful Performance

4*4 MIMO Omnidirectional high-gain MIMO antenna, support upto 128 users.

WiFi 6 AX5400 specification, 200% speed increase compared to previous generation

Support OFDMA, TWT,BSS coloring WiFi6E technologies to ensure high-speed access.


Signal Improvement
Upto 10 built-in antennas for 5G & WiFi 6E

4 built-in 5G and 6 built-in WiFi6E antennas ensure MIMO concurrent speed




The pard-5 MiFi is a compact 5G /Wi-Fi6 CPE solution features multi-operation modes; 5G (4G backwards), Modem /Router in a stylish portable design with inbuilt display and battery. The Pard-5 MiFi supports NSA&SA 5G networks, features 5000mAh capacity provides mobile Wi-Fi access for instant users smart-devices; Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, IoE, Personal Wearables, and Gaming providing users with a truly mobility lifestyle.










                                                                                    Freedom of movement is a fundamental Expectation..



Qualcomm Platform

Qualcomm X62 5G NR solution

Up to 3000Mbps Wi-Fi 6

Zero-install /Ease to use

2.4-inch touch screen

Multiple devices support

Powerful Performance

Inbuilt Battery

5000mAh capacity lasts 8 hours

1.8Gbps/300Mbps DL/UL

Freedom of movement..

~ 250g – Instant Move

Instant Access