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The Company | Sweratel

The Innovative Sweratel®

Sweratel AB is a pioneer and world leader in development of Cellular-class WiFi Networked Solution(s). Manufactured by Sweden and marketed under the Sweratel® brand, a single Networked Platform designed from the ground-up to serve multiple industries, each with different requirements.
Sweratel was the first company in the world to commercially produce Cellular-class WiFi networked solution(s) using internationally recognized 802.11-family (ac/ax/) standards. Sweratel® products are backed by extensive expertise and unrivalled experience in the field of wireless industry production.
Sweratel continues to lead the way in the production and innovation of RTWIP-CORE (Sweratel core framework), currently based on based on 802.11ac supports upgrade path to WiFi 6 (6 GHz) that is featured with Cloud-managed RTWIP-SONC (Self-Organization Network) architecture.  The 6 GHz is heating up and will be greenfield and from a spectrum point of view, tailored to support a Cellular-class WiFi networks   “the Breakthrough Telcos, Operators and ISPs have been waiting for”.
Sweratel® is the natural Cellular-class of choice, and is deployed and endorsed by Municipal clients and industry-leaders.  Sweratel knows service and is committed to providing the highest level of attention and assistance to all of our partners and customers. Contact us to familiar out more about our superior range of RTWIP products.

The Sweratel® value statement

Sweratel provides a complete end-to-end system uniqueness realization own innovative RTWIP-CORE technology together with a virtualized packet-core and virtualized upper levels of the Sweratel Converged Cloud Packet-Core functionality and benefits of the technology tailored to support Cellular-class Public WiFi networked requirements of Operators, Telcos and ISPs including other new entrants from Municipalities, Infrastructure owners, IoE sectors and Networked Society Markets.

Sweratel knows service

Sweratel’s business concept is to strengthen our customer’s market position and time-to-market. In addition to high-segment, high-performance product-line and technology, the Sweratel end-to-end solutions include RF planning, system architecture & design, tier 3 support and training modules.

The SweRaTel Brand

The SweRaTel brand is an acronym derived from Sweden (Country of Origin) Radio Telecommunications.


To develop, produce and market intelligent Cloud Cellular-class Networked Society solutions
To deliver an innovative end-to-end solution that enables the first anytime, anywhere smart networked society based on the enormous potential of RTWIP technology breakthroughs providing a number of unparalleled benefits to service providers. Sweratel will be the technology partner of choice to deliver Cellular-class WiFi and sustainable digitalized networked society.

Core Values

Our core values reflect our personality and ultimately our vision. We strive continuously to implement our core values with:
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Openness
  • Effective Organization
  • Partnerships with Industry Leaders
  • Commercially deployed and proven
  • Swedish Quality


We are a pioneer in the rapidly changing paradigm shift environment; the communications industry is turning towards the Smart Networked Society arena to digital transformation.
Sweratel conducts its business in a centralized and decentralized highly flexible personal resources network to enable making the best use of its collective expertise and skills. Sweratel resources assist its customers with competent staff where and when it is needed

The Company Slogan

The Sweratel “Coolness” represents our Vision and Innovation – new system products and services that demands attention, stands apart, uniqueness, varies from the norm or violates existing expectations in a way that draws attention or respect.
What drives the “coolness” factor?
  • Design is a key component – creating sleek product leveraging design that create something cool.
  • Solving a traditional problem in a innovative way or combining several disparate capabilities to create a completely new and interesting product or service can be cool.
  • Providing a level of service or integration that simplifies a job or provides greater service can be cool.
Coolness is more important for disruptive innovations than for incremental innovations and probably more important for innovations directed at end consumers than business-to-business innovations.