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Slogan | Sweratel


The Sweratel “Coolness” represents our Vision and Innovation – new system products and services that demands attention, stands apart, uniqueness, varies from the norm or violates existing expectations in a way that draws attention or respect.

Coolness is a key feature due to the relationship between needs and wants. Coolness is more important than you imagine.

What drives the “coolness” factor?

  • Design is a key component – creating sleek product leveraging design that create something cool
  • Solving a traditional problem in a innovative way or combining several disparate capabilities to create a completely new and interesting product or service can be cool
  • Providing a level of service or integration that simplifies a job or provides greater service can be cool

Coolness is more important for disruptive innovations than for incremental innovations and probably more important for innovations directed at end consumers than business-to-business innovations.

The Sweratel Coolness creates our future iCoolness system platform; an IP-Multimedia Communications Engine, all-in-one Integrated Social-Media Networking Suite – A powerful applications system platform to make IP-communications easier and faster for all users social feeds.