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The Pioneer in Development of Cellular-class WiFi Networked Solutions

Sweratel RTWIP Technology delivers infrastructure solutions that enable the first anywhere, anytime Cloud-managed Cellular-class WiFi Networks.

… Shaping a new Converged Wireless Networked Society Industry






Enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution


Ultimate scalability


Zero-install CBS/CRM


Lowest total cost of ownership

About the company

Sweratel is a Swedish innovative company that focuses on new technology and R&D to develop tomorrow’s Communication systems. Sweratel specializes primarily in the design, development and integration of state-of-the-art software and hardware for real-time communication systems.

Our products

The Sweratel RTWIP-CORE platform enables network owners, operators and ISPs to deploy flexible, high performance and highly scalable Cloud-managed Cellular-class WiFi infrastructure solutions based on 802.11ac supports upgrade path to WiFi 6 (6 GHz) that is featured with RTWIP-SON (Self-Organization Network) and SOC (Self Organization Cluster) capable architecture.  The 6 GHz is heating up and will be greenfield and from a spectrum point of view as Wi-Fi 6 is tailored to support a True Cellular-class Wi-Fi  à “the Breakthrough Telcos, Operators and ISPs have been waiting for”. 


The architecture of the Sweratel RTWIP-CORE system is built upon a highly-flexible modular software platform. The modular concept features the Macro- and Micro-software modules for the Sweratel complete-end-to-end system; BTS, MNC, RNMS, CBS/AAA, CRM, OLS and future products. These create industry-leading state-of-the-art networked solution tailored to support Cellular-class Macrocell WiFi requirements of Operators, Telcos, ISPs including other new entrants from Municipalities, IoE sectors and Smart Networked Society Market to Digital Transformation.



Sweratel Announces Initial Deployments for RTWIP-CORE Solution in MENA

Sweratel today announced further deployments of its RTWIP Carrier-class MetroWiFi broadband solution designed for both the Public MetroWiFi and the Smart Networked Society. A MENA IT- & Telecom group with Regional telco, are moving forward with the first deployment of the Sweratel RTWIP solution to offer Carrier-class MetroWiFi broadband services to both consumers and business.

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