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MNC Pro | Sweratel


The Sweratel Cloud based MNCC Pro designed closely coupled with Sweratel Cloud Manager via RNMSC architecture, is a high performance and robust broadband wireless network controller supporting the International standard IEEE802.11 systems.  The MNCC provided cloud based control/monitoring and management of cluster of RTWIP Core GW and Relay base-stations with full functions in a compact industrial hardware and serves.  It aggregates cloud based control of Radio Access Network (RAN) data and management traffic from several base-stations towards the centralized Cloud Radio Network Management System (RNMSC) and vice-versa.

As a robust industrial IPC unit, the Sweratel MNCC Pro system platform supports several RTWIP Core base-stations within a mesh-cluster, and can be co-located with Sweratel RTWIP-GW site or at a “fibre connection point cabinet” or housed at “IP/GE Radio Backbone link” cabinet site.

The Sweratel MNCC Pro is designed to have Cloud base connection or be remotely connected via “private VLAN” or “VPN to the centralized Cloud based RNMSC.  The communication between the distributed MNCC and RNMSC would be via a dedicated design proprietary Management Protocol Agent (pMPA) at the MNCC and Management Protocol Server (MPS) at the RNMSC over centralized location. The MNCC real-time status, conditions and statistic would be simultaneously in synchronization with RNMSC for remote monitoring and management.  It supports two-way synchronization between RNMSCóMNCC for continuous and real-time update of configuration.

Sweratel MNCC Pro is designed with cloud access for cost-effectiveness management, secure and optimize with performance of its scalable network architecture.  It provides flexible monitoring and troubleshooting tool anytime, anywhere via cloud access.  It also supports performance monitoring and fault management which reports alarms and events using advanced alert reporting mechanism.

The Sweratel MNCC  Pro is integrated with high performance Login Server Platform for facilitating end users rapid login process, reduce roundtrip time for authentication and accounting, cached CBS accounts for offline login etc. It reduces the login interval for the end-user authentication. In other words, it mainly focuses on providing high QoS Services for the end user by ensuring high availability and redundant Login Platform.

The Sweratel MNCC Pro supports AAA RADIUS authentications, suitable for ISP/Operator and wireless broadband zone/cloud based deployment models.  Cloud based Accounting & Billing is made available for ISP subscription via RNMSC.  Integrating with traffic shaping for user profile usage control, where also made available for customization with each ISP operational requirement.

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