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RNMS | Sweratel


The Sweratel Virtual Cloud Based Radio Network Management System (RNMSC) is a high performance industrial grade Network Management Suite, provides centralized management, control and monitoring of the Cloud Base RTWIP network elements.  Integrating with multiple Application & Services modules generates rapid network deployment with full flexibility in network design and deployment.

The Sweratel Virtual Cloud RNMSC Suite integrates different modules such as the Cloud Base Network Management System (NMS), Centralized RADIUS, Accounting & Billing etc, in all-in-one Cloud Server Cluster, provides remote access with centralized configuration management, performance monitoring and alarm/event reporting for the entire Cloud based RTWIP network elements.  Its Internet cloud access web-based graphical user interface provides complete real-time visibility and control of all the network elements anywhere and anytime.  This includes access to and control of the Cloud based MNCCs, Node Gateway/Relay and all network base-stations.  The RNMSC clients connect to the RNMSC server via a standard web browser making remote management of the network possible.

The RNMSC Suite consists set of integrated tools for remote web based configuration, monitoring, analyzing and security management of cluster of Managed Network Controller and Mesh Node running Sweratel Cloud RTWIP-CORE software platform in a wireless mesh-cluster (Cloud).  ISP ISP Subscribers engaging the RNMSC Suite can perform network configuration, monitoring, troubleshoot of their respective deployed network as well as performing software upgrade via Cloud access RNMSC Suite interface.  The Internet Web-browser based Graphical User Interface (GUI), allows the ISP Subscriber’s administrator to configure/troubleshoot their mesh cluster and deployed nodes through the secured broadband connection.

Apart from NMS modules, the Sweratel RNMSC Suite consists of other integrated modules such as RADIUS, Accounting and Billing, for end-user (Network users) authentication, accounting and billing respectively.  The RNMSC’s profile controller provides optional customization for 3rd party RADIUS/Billing server support.  Multiple customized profiles can be created to categorize the users with different type of subscriptions module.  Hence, different billing plans configuration is possible for ISP’s customization.  Different statistics, such as user/data/network statistics, can also be generated and viewed via the Cloud based GUI.

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