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Sweratel solution provide improved MIMO Networked Efficiency | Sweratel

The Sweratel RTWIP-CORE solution equipped with robust Ultra-Wide Band MIMO Antenna solutions provide improved MIMO Networked Efficiency. Sweratel allows customers to extend their fiber coverage to existing Smart devices, Things, Personal wearables and tap new networked society including smart grid markets.
Jönköping, Sweden –2017-12-14, With a sleek slim new innovative Pard MIMO antenna series that integrate the Sweratel® RTWIP-CORE solution with 802.11-family standards capabilities, operators and ISP etc, can now offer their customers the ability to create their own Cloud-managed Metro-Public-WiFi clusters instantly – unlimited access on the move, the lowest cost per Mbps and unmatched capacity vs cellular data limitation, Sweratel announced today.

Operators, Telcos and ISPs including other new entrants from Municipalities, IoT and Networked Society sectors can bundle the best last-mile WAN technology with the state-of-art RTWIP-CORE system to offer customers instant Heterogeneous Metro-Public WiFi Networked solution riding the data tsunami heading their way delivering coverage and data-capacity demands in the most challenging areas such as urban, suburban, rural, smart communities etc, providing users with a truly complete mobility lifestyle.

The new advance Pard Ultra-wide/Multi-band MIMO series contains the specification for the 3×3 MIMO access antenna designed for the Sweratel RTWIP Carrier-class MetroWiFi Networks operating in the 2.4 ~ 6 GHz frequency bands including 4.9 GHz for public safety. The antennas utilize polarization diversity and offset azimuth beams to maximize MIMO throughput.

The Pard antenna product-line includes 3×3 MIMO (4×4 MIMO optional) each with its own RF connector, and housed in a single IP67 chassis. Emphasis has been placed on rugged mechanical construction, combined with an aesthetically pleasing appearance and simple rapid installation. The antennas are supplied with user-friendly mounting brackets providing either a fixed T0 tilt, or adjustable tilt.