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Company Facts | Sweratel

Company Facts


About us

Sweratel AB was founded with a vision of implementing practical Cloud-managed Carrier-class Metro cellular WiFi networks solutions based on the enormous potential of technology breakthroughs. Using innovative wireless/mobile technology, Sweratel has developed a complete RTWIP-CORE solution that leapfrogs today’s limited solutions and enables Operators, Carriers, ISPs and Infrastructure owners to successfully compete in the exploding “new generation” of broadband drives the data tsunami heading their way delivering coverage and data-capacity demands in the most challenging areas such as urban, suburban, rural, smart communities and networked society markets providing users with a truly complete mobility lifestyle.


The Sweratel® value statement

Sweratel® provides a complete end-to-end system uniqueness realization own innovative RTWIP-CORE technology together with a virtualized packet-core and virtualized upper levels of the Sweratel Converged Cloud Packet-Core functionality and benefits of the technology tailored to support Cloud-managed Carrier-class Converged MetroWiFi networks requirements of Operators, Telcos and ISPs including other new entrants from Municipalities, Infrastructure owners, IoT/IoE sectors and Networked Society Markets.


SweRaTel Brand

The SweRaTel brand is an acronym derived from Sweden Radio Telecommunications. 

Sweratel is a multinational innovative telecommunications company headquartered in Haga Business Park, Jönköping – SWEDEN. The main business strategy for Sweratel is to be a leading global technology provider of the RTWIP products in the preferred and selected market segments.