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Technology | Sweratel

The Technology – RTWIP CORE

Catch the Next Wave of Cloud-managed Cellular-class WiFi Networked Society Infrastructure – The Sweratel RTWIP, a single Networked Platform designed from the ground-up to serve multiple industries, each with different requirements.
The Sweratel RTWIP solutions integrate the power of Smart Networked Society with the versatility of Cellular-class Public WiFi communications, complementary to licensed cellular and/or substitutes.


The end-to-end system consists of:

  • A network of cloud-managed Industrial-grade IP67 Pard Base Stations
  • Pard Sectorized MIMO antennas series for both access and backhaul
  • Pard RTWIP point-to-point backhaul link
  • Pard MNC-Pro (Managed Networked Controller), a multi-features legend MNC platform
  • Pard RNMS (Radio Networked Management Suite), a multi-features legend cloud platform
  • Pard CBS (Convergent Billing System “PCI-Compliance”) with integrated CRM

The Sweratel radio network consists of a number of base stations, termed “Node BS’s”, controlled by a Cloud Managed Network Controller (MNC). A typical “Macrocell” location utilizes a number of QuadRadio Node BS radios in a 4 sets 3×3 (and/or 4×4) MIMO-sector configuration, on the dualband 2.4/5GHz radio air interface. Node BS’s can also be deployed in microcell and picocell architectures, according to Operators and ISPs requirements.

The architecture of the Sweratel RTWIP-CORE system is built upon a highly-flexible modular software platform. The modular concept features the Macro- and Micro-software modules for the Sweratel complete-end-to-end system; BTS, MNC, RNMS, CBS/AAA, CRM, OLS and future products. These create industry-leading state-of-the-art networked solution tailored to support converged Cellular-class Macrocell WiFi requirements of Operators, Telcos and ISPs including other new entrants from Municipalities, IoE sectors and Smart Networked Society Market to Digital Transformation.

The Sweratel RTWIP end-to-end solution is based on Centralized Managed & Monitored (Cloud Based RNMS/OSS/CBS/CRM & many others Services Platform) and Distributed Localized Controlled (via Sweratel MNC + BS-Nodes Cluster) Architecture.  System interconnection are purely IP oriented, and hence no switches necessary in between for any extension requirement.  The architecture allows the communication network to be constructed within a short time and allowing for fine tuning, adjustment during deployment and ad-hoc communications.  The Sweratel wireless IP architecture allows the system operates cellular/mobile alike in nature, and suitable for any mobile ad-hoc deployment, such as disaster deployment with suitable Radio Link backbone or Satellite backbone.

The following are some of the Key-Features where RTWIP Cellular BS-Node out performance the conventional AP solution:

Cellular-class MESH-Cluster based Flexibility and Extendibility: he Sweratel RTWIP Cellular-class Macrocell WiFi networked system will scale easily with the addition of new coverage. The architecture of the RTWIP system is based upon a unique modular design in a single platform to enable a success based incremental capital model that network owners and operators can initially roll-out service with a low-cost minimal configuration then easily, and non-disruptively, “plug in” capacity as subscriber growth dictates. In this way, incremental capital expense for capacity growth tracks with incremental revenues from subscriber growth. 

Layered of Management Architecture: Status Reporting Layered of BS-Node <–> MNC <–> RNMS, with management information, controlled information and operating status information are synchronized and captured.

Centralized Controlled & Distributed Management: Cloud Backend Management of deployment status and remote management of alarm and alert with system performance and health status.

IP Roaming: One of the key advantages of Sweratel Cluster Cellular BS-Node deployment is fast-handoff allows user/client is able to roam across BS-Node coverage without dropping of IP connection and TCIP connection traffic.

Statistical Analysis – For Trial, Post Deployment & Preventive Maintenance Analysis: Sweratel RTWIP – Backend RNMS come with Statistical Data-Analysis package, where allow network provider or ISP to analyze the effectiveness of the deployment, such as data-capacity, user-down/up loading usage, sufficient backbone capacity, etc.

WiFi Offloading Capability: RTWIP mobile offloading capable by Sweratel OLS system

Convergent Billing Suite (CBS) with CRM: CBS/CRM zero install as it is a part of the complete end-to-end RTWIP-CORE Carrier-class Networked solution.

Heterogeneous Network Solutions


Cellular-Class Heterogeneous Networked Infrastructure

The Sweratel RTWIP Heterogeneous network solutions provides complete end-to-end cost-effective infrastructure solutions riding the data tsunami heading their way delivering coverage and data-capacity demands in the most challenging areas such as urban, suburban, rural, logistics hubs, smart communities and networked connected s society markets providing users with a truly complete mobility lifestyle.




In today’s connected society, everything is becoming connected and considering the impact it has on education, communication, business, science, government, humanity etc, it clearly represents that the next evolution of the Internet is taking a huge leap in its ability to gather, analyze and distribute the data and turn into information, knowledge and wisdom. Instead, considering only the mobile users, it is predicted that the number of Mobile users (Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets etc) will surpass computer users the coming few years and applications such as HD streams, VoIP, Contents and “IoT” look set to inflate traffic volumes up to 1,000-fold by 2020.

To enable the highest quality experience for demanding mobile users (smart devices), the operators must limit the number of smart devices per cell in 3G and/or LTE networks and deploy additional 3G or LTE base-station to compete with high data demands of the mobile users. All this requires small cells and building-out conventional 3G or LTE base station towers is typically unaffordable. To overcome this cost effective approach of investing more capital on 3G and/or LTE networks, operators are looking for new and advanced approaches to ease the data traffic load on their existing infrastructure.

The Sweratel RTWIP Heterogeneous Network solution meet these requirements allowing operators to deploy a mix of technologies, 3G/LTE and Carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks with integrated mobile data offloading network architectures to optimally respond to rapid changes in customer demand and boost the user experience to peak levels. In other words, Sweratel RTWIP Heterogeneous Network Solution helps the clients to fast handoff between 3G/LTE or Wi-Fi networks while maintaining the performance and QoS at high-levels.

The Sweratel Heterogeneous Network with integrated OLS provides a flexible and cost effective cloud-based mobile-data offloading solution and help operators to add coverage and capacity to existing macro networks and boost the user experience.


The business benefits

Sweratel provides complete end-to-end and wide range of solutions that build into a unified MobileIP Heterogeneous Network solution, from small WiFi cell products with integrated OLS to unified RNMS and CBS platforms. The availability of such a solution will of course facilitate the establishment of new Cellular-class WiFi operators, for example in Countries and Regions that still rely heavily on 3G networks and in rural areas with no landline infrastructure today but still a great demand for broadband access connections to:

  • Enhance and increase the network capacity to match user demand
  • Enhance the user experience incremental capital expense for capacity growth tracks with incremental revenues from subscriber growth
  • Enhance and improve the data of operator’s network
  • Carrier-grade Wi-Fi complement to 3G/LTE Network
  • Scalable Network Architecture
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Fast ROI


Take the Smart Networked Society Cities/Communities to New Heights

The rapid growth of the Smart Networked Society Cities, Public WiFi, IoE and Smart-Grids has created explosive demand for broadband data access. Many service providers including municipalities, however, have not been able to keep up with this demand due to the costs and delays often involved with upgrading existing infrastructures.

Combining the flexibility and performance of smart networked society with the latest innovations in cloud-based wireless/mobile technology, Sweratel’ end-to-end RTWIP solution redefine the way smart networked society is delivered. Bypassing the complicated, expensive and time-consuming process of installing traditional solutions enables new business opportunities in diverse geographic areas. And by changing the playing field of networked society delivery, Sweratel provides a way for operators, ISP including other new entrants from Municipalities and ICT sectors to offer scalable wireless/mobile broadband networked solutions to a larger customer base that addresses profits first.

Sweratel makes this possible with a groundbreaking innovative Cellular-class WiFi solution that is more robust, flexible and cost-effective than other traditional wireless systems.

Sweratel makes this possible with a groundbreaking innovative RTWIP-CORE Cellular-class WiFi solution that is more robust, flexible and cost-effective than other traditional wireless systems.

Based upon the Sweratel RTWIP-CORE concept, tailored to provide a large-scale service coverage, it actually shapes connectivity with Sweratel’ highly improved MIMO efficiency networked as a whole.

The Sweratel RTWIP system is designed to improve the way WiFi networked work by adding substantially higher capacity, better service coverage and reduced congestion for a better user experience. Delivering the new economic of Cellular-class WiFi networked for the real smart society world.


Think Smart, think Networked Society – think Transformation

The Sweratel RTWIP networked solution is designed from the ground-up tailored to support Cellular-class Public WiFi requirements for a quick time to market so you can capture the smart networked society and Public WiFi before the competition. This fast deployment capability also lets you quickly begin collecting service revenue for a rapid return on investment.

Digitalization for Sustainable Society- Winds of change blowing from two different directions are converging into a perfect transformative storm in the global economy where knowledge, smart & IoE devices and information are networked for the growth of society, life and business. Digitalization and sustainability are two of the most powerful market influences in today’s business landscape.

Rapid growth of WiFi capable Smart Devices along with the emergence of the IoE and dramatically increase of data tsunami traffic, is a challenge for Operators and Service Providers to meet the demand of high data usage. Cellular-class WiFi networks need to be capable of managing dense usage, increased data traffic and a diverse mix of applications and services with differing needs. The Sweratel RTWIP utilizing upcoming 802.11ax standard, the next step in the evolution of WiFi is specifically designed for such dense connectivity and variability with a significant improvement in efficiency, thus delivering an excellent Cellular-class WiFi user experience.

The Sweratel current 802.11 supports upgrade path to WiFi 6 (802.11ax) utilizes OFDMA technology for efficient access. OFDMA capable WiFi radios allows multiple users with varying bandwidth need to be served simultaneously.

To enable the highest quality experience for demanding multiple smart devices users, the system support upstream resource scheduler. Instead of the traditional WiFi unmanaged approach, where users compete with one another to send data in upstream, The Sweratel RTWI 802.11ax based radios schedules them so that they don’t clash with each other. This managed approach results in enhanced resource utilization and an impressive increase in efficiency.

As a part of the Sweratel’ upgrade path to WiFi 6, the RTWIP Cellular-class WiFi is featured with SON (Self-Organization Network) architecture solution.  The 6 GHz is heating up and will be greenfield and from a spectrum point of view as Wi-Fi 6 only tailored to support truly be a ‘Cellular-class Wi-Fi’  à The Breakthrough Telcos, Operators and ISPs have been waiting for”.


Enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution