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Pard CBS

The Sweratel Cloud-managed Pard CBS “Converged Billing Suite” is a high performance, robust and adaptable accounting and billing system. Its Virtual Cloud Based Framework design provides remote management, control and access for End-users and administrators /ISPs. The Pard CBS integrates different modules such as the Centralized RADIUS, Accounting & Billing, Payment Gateway, Advanced Reminder System etc. The intelligent Pard CBS provides complete real-time visibility and control of entire elements (User lists, Billing, Accounting, revenue statistics etc) anywhere and anytime using web-based graphical user interface.  The Pard CBS features Advanced User Management System with security control for System Administration, Manager, ISP, Reseller/Distributor and End-User/Clients. This user management module in CBS gives the advantage of assigning “Roles and Privileges for CBS Users”. The Pard CBS users connect to the Pard CBS server via a standard web browser making the remote management user-friendly. The Pard CBS provides Cloud based access portal for End-User/Client access for status/balance enquiry, pre-paid top-up, bill payment etc. End user/Client portal is separated with the Admin portal to ensure security and integrity for the ISP database.

Pard CBS


Integrated “Free RADIUS” with built-in Profile Controller’, the Pard CBS greatly enhances overall operational efficiencies and optimizes expenses/cost by its Cloud Based Framework design. The inbuilt Profile Controller in CBS gives the advantage of assigning access limits for the Subscribers/End-Users. The CBS module is designed to work hand-in-hand with the authentication module. It provides user-friendly GUI interface to perform various types of services such as client management, data plans handling, statistic control etc, to allow the ISPs in managing number of end-user or clients with minimum effort.

The Pard CBS features flexibility to create unlimited profiles depending on Data Capacity (D), Session(S), Period (P) and a combination of either or of the three parameters (D/S/P), suitable for business operational purpose. It supports both Post-paid and Pre-paid accounting system. Pard CBS is fully flexible to define the charges based on the data used, session time used, or days elapsed etc. The billing template can be customized with respect to ISP requirements and the ready bill could be either released via email or Hardcopy print-out via Postage. For the case of “None or Late Payment”, Pard CBS is equipped with friendly reminder system via email for a couple of warning/alert system before any potential action on account termination. However, the Pard CBS also provide seamless non-interruption process for re-activation of end-user/client account upon account settlement. Integrated with International PayPal Payment Gateway (including VISA and Master Card) makes it easy for Subscribers/End-Users to self online sign-up. It also possesses provision for integration with deployment local banking network1.

The PARD CBS Core Framework is designed to have zero-interface with Sweratel PARD series Cluster Network solutions. The Pard CBS Framework features seamless adaptation to RTWIP Network solution. However, Pard CBS is flexible for customization to integrate with other Networking System.


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1Required detailed banking interface information for integration with local banking network.